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Make the Switch to IP with NewTek & LiveXpert Solutions @ prolight+sound 2016

3D Storm and Teltec showcase NewTek Advanced IP Workflow for live video production Hall 4 Stand B55-56

NewTek™ just launched Network Device Interface (NDI™), an enabling technology for live production IP workflows over Ethernet networks. NDI is available as a royalty-free software development kit (SDK) for anyone wanting to enable IP workflows in their facilities, or in production devices and systems they manufacture. NewTek is also offering a suite of free NDI software tools designed to leverage the unique capabilities made possible by NDI and IP-based workflows.  
"Network Device Interface (NDI)", NewTek IP protocol, allows any NDI-enabled device on a standard Ethernet connection to be recognized as a video source or destination as part of an IP production workflow. Any source connected to a physical input, any TriCaster output signal become IP streams that can be shared simultaneously between all NDI compatible devices connected on the network.

NewTek also announced a significant update to TriCaster Advanced Edition, the software option available for TriCaster 8000, 860, 400 and Mini series. With over 100 capabilities requiring no additional hardware, TriCaster Advanced Edition now enables advanced IP workflows. Among the many new integrated features, this update of TriCaster Advanced Edition implements NewTek’s NDI™ technology, letting users work seamlessly with low latency, broadcast-quality video via direct IP integration with other connected devices.
TriCaster Advanced Edition now adds four additional external inputs, delivers instant access to an almost unlimited number of video and audio sources via IP, every external input can receive video from local hardware connectors or any NDI video sources, each SDI, HDMI and analog video input with audio is simultaneously delivered to the network as an NDI source, and TriCasters running TriCaster Advanced Edition deliver four fully configurable output channels that can be flexibly assigned to both IP and system hardware outputs.

3D Storm, announced the adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface for LiveXpert, solutions for live and sports video productions. With NDI enabled, LiveXpert solutions will be recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled devices and systems connected to a standard Ethernet local area network, exponentially increasing the number of video sources available for live production.
Adopting a new standard for live video production over the network, DELTA-stat IP, FingerWorks and LiveCG Football can now communicate with other systems over IP, encode, transmit and receive streams of high quality in real-time. Further to the extended support for NewTek TriCasterTM and 3PlayTM, LiveCG Football new features include the support for SDI card and for computer graphic output, an enhanced GUI providing a better interactivity for Live operation, an extended players and teams database, a remote LiveCG Football license connected to the main license, and an exclusive connection with OPTA services.

More Products highlights:

NewTek TriCaster™ Mini, the most compact and complete multi-camera production system features all the functions inherent to any TriCaster Professional, such as Mix effects, Digital Disk Recorders, Recording capacity, IP input and output, graphics capabilities for titling and transitions, an integrated streaming engine and social network publishing system…in the most compact system ever made.

NewTek 3Play™, the integrated sports production system, combines a large range of functions dedicated to video production in a sporting environment, for stadium, OB vans, racetracks, sports halls and arenas.

NewTek TalkShow™, the Skype video calling production system based on Skype TX professional software, developed in partnership with Microsoft, gives an exclusive access to 300 million potential monthly connected Skype users and the ability to incorporate them as guest speakers and experts into live conference or program with full-frame Skype video calls.
Live Skype video calls can be controlled and managed directly from the control room like any other video source.

LiveMedia Server™, a multichannel and multiformat player and recorder, supports the largest range of audio and video codec on the market, in Standard and High Definition. LiveMedia Server integrates control over any video mixer and supports NewTek IP protocol to connect with any TriCaster model.

LiveCG Broadcast™, a compact multilayer graphics generator, gives all the tools to display all graphics needed for a high-end professional video production, in a stand-alone 1RU device. The Social Hub software module can send incoming messages, posts, images and videos, from Facebook®, Twitter®, Flickr®, Instagram® or WhatsApp®, into live production in real time.

All you ever wanted to know to master your video productions, for television shows, live streaming, corporate events, or sports events, will be on the Moving Picture Pavilion Hall 4, stand B56.

3D Storm, the official master distributor of NewTek and LiveXpert products, and Teltec, NewTek authorized reseller in Germany, showcase the complete integrated production systems from NewTek, and LiveXpert, solutions for live and sports video productions, @prolight+sound 2016 on the Moving Picture Pavilion.

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