Rack-Mounted Multi-Fuction NDI® Codec

Supreme Performances.

Stable & Durable operation

1-6 Channel selection as necessary
Engineering project easily handled

Maximum 6 Channels
Outstanding performance

Farewell to Tradition
Concurrent possession of 5 functions
Outstanding performance

NDI® Encoder, NDI® Decoder, Optical Transceiver, Updown Cross Converter
Functionally 5-in-1, Globally exclusive

Simplifying 6 into 1

6 NDI® encoders, 6 NDI® Decoders, 6 Optical transceivers, 6 SDI/HDMI Converters, and 6 Up Down Cross Converters integrated into one

by Science Image

1/ Full NDI® Encoding Up Down Cross Conversion Optical transmitting & receiving

Concurrent operation of 3 functions:

2/ Stable & Efficient
20 km transmitting range

12G-SDI/HDMI 4K Optical transmitting

Each channel shiftable to optical transmitting / Receiving mode

Optical transmission application topology

3/ Concurrent Operation of 6 Channels
Encoding & Decoding

Free Configuration | Encoding, Decoding | Shift Mode at a finger tip

Encoding/Decoding mixture application topology

4/ At least 27 SMPTE
Formats’ Free Shift

SDI/HDMI Up Down Cross Conversion
Feasible for each channel
Convenient format shifting

More formats will be supported…

5/ Versatile Audio Processing

Audio Embedding/De-embedding
Volume adjustment

6/ Visible Parameters and Status

1.3 inch Display Screen Parameters/Status Visible

7/ Independent Switch at disposal

Six switches, independent control

8/ 1U Rack-Mounting Design makes installation easy

Centralized deployment, multi-application, studio, live production, broadcasting vehicle, conference room, media center, control room, highly integrated

9/ Scroll Wheel Fulfills quick configuration

NDI® mode, primary IN, Output format, optical shifting

10/ Overall Heat Radiation

Silent operation

11/ Multi-interfaces

POE/Ethernet, Optical TX/RX, HDMI IN, HDMI OUT, SDI IN, SDI OUT, Line In, powerful integration

12/ Clear Tally Indication of 6 Channels

Preview / Program

13/ 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Outstanding Durability

Make better !

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