NewTek manufacturer warranty

The original warranty period for NewTek new equipment is twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. This warranty includes spare parts and labour. More information on NewTek manufacturer warranty:

DOA (Defective On Arrival)

For a defective NewTek product within 10 business days from delivery date to the end user and subsequent registration, there will be a full product replacement.

Out of warranty repairs

A defective and out of warranty NewTek product purchased through a 3D Storm reseller may be returned with a RMA number delivered by our Technical Department. Upon return, 3D Storm will establish the spare parts that need to be changed and the repair duration. A quote will be issued for the repair cost by 3D Storm sales department. Upon acceptance and payment of this quote, the unit will be repaired and sent back.

3D Storm Warranty Management

During the original warranty period for customers inside the European Union, 3D Storm handles repair costs. Shipping costs are shared between 3D Storm and the owner. Shipment back to 3D Storm is paid by the owner while the repaired product will be sent back on 3D Storm expenses. Taxes and customs fees remain the responsibility of the customer. 3D Storm customers may benefit from a special rate on product loan fees during the repair period.

Loaner is the same model when available or a model with at least the same number of video inputs.

3D Storm extended warranty program 3DS TekCare

The 3D Storm Limited Warranty Extension Program safeguards your NewTek equipment investment for an additional year, providing the reliability and convenience benefits of your original warranty.

  • Extension of the original warranty for an additional 12 months, renewable twice for a total of 48 months including the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Priority telephone assistance throughout the day (3D Storm office hours).
  • Pick-up and return costs included in case of after-sales service in the European Union.
  • Priority repair
  • Equipment loan when the repair time exceeds 10 working days.
  • Advance replacement option (relay equipment during immobilization)
  • More information about 3DS TekCare Warranty Services and Extensions.

A proactive warranty extension allows you to budget for service expenses.

You know exactly who to call if you experience problems with your NewTek equipment.
 This program is available through 3D Storm Elite and Authorized NewTek resellers in Europe (European Union) (including Switzerland, except United Kingdom and Nordic countries ).

Products eligible for warranty extension

This warranty extension program is available for Tricaster Mini Advanced, TriCaster 410Plus, TriCaster TC1, TalkShow VS100 et VS4000, 3Play 3P1, NC1 I/O bought from a 3D Storm Elite or Authorized Dealer for customers living in the European Union (including Switzerland, except: United Kingdom, Nordic and Eastern Europe countries).

*To be eligible, products have to be within their original warranty period, and registered with a valid serial number at and with 3D Storm.

Length of 3D Storm warranty extension period

As stated above in the "NewTek manufacturer warranty" NewTek products comes with a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s limited warranty unless otherwise specified. The one year 3D Storm limited warranty extension prolongs the original warranty for one (1) additional year from the date of the original warranty period expiration.

Renewing out-of-warranty products

Only NewTek products currently under warranty are eligible for warranty extensions. Products with an expired warranty are not eligible for this program.

How to purchase a One-Year 3D Storm Limited Warranty Extension?

To purchase a warranty extension, please contact 3D Storm or one of the Elite or Authorized 3D Storm reseller

Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

3D Storm’s obligations and liability under this warranty are limited to repairing, replacing or refund of the purchase price, at the option of 3D Storm, any of NewTek’s products which, after normal and proper usage, are determined by 3D Storm to be defective. Accessories are not covered by the warranty extension. This warranty does not extend to any of NewTek’s products which have been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident or improper applications, nor shall it extend to products which have been repaired or substantially altered outside 3D Storm or NewTek’s manufacturing or repair facility, nor to any associated instruments, equipment or apparatus. This service is offered by 3D Storm. NewTek Inc. has no obligation and liability under this warranty extension. In no case shall 3D Storm be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability or any other legal theory.

Warranty claims on discontinued products

If you submit a valid warranty claim on a unit that is no longer in production, you may receive, as a replacement, the model that superseded the original unit, or the closest equivalent currently available at the option of 3D Storm.



Warranty conditions on the 14/02/2020
May be changed at any time without prior notice.