LiveCG Football 2.0

Football Scoreboard and Presentation Software

LiveCG Football™ is a dedicated tool for managing real-time graphic displays during football (Soccer) games. As an additional software application to TriCaster/3Play or as an independent turnkey system, LiveCG Football includes all features needed to compose and display full information on stadium big screens. Major football clubs already use it for game's presentations, for displaying player’s details, teams ranking, scores and statistics, promoting sponsors, and more. LiveCG Football is the essential ingredient for turning a game into a show, all in clubs' colors!

Player database

LiveCG Football includes an extended database to store teams, players, coach and stadiums information. 10 files and 10 customized data fields can be associated to each item, to keep pictures, clips and information such as age, size, position… The database also includes 30+ fields for statistics per teams and per player. Displaying teams' sheets or dynamic information about a player in real time, and in-game, becomes easy.

Full graphic editor

LiveCG Football editor allows customization of the graphical content with clubs and championships standards. It lets you import still or animated components from existing visuals created with tools like Photoshop®, After Effects®, Flash®.
LiveCG Football comes with a full set of templates to cover every need: large full-screen scoreboard, miniature screen-corner scoreboard, display of team sheets and players, statistics tables, extra time, fouls, penalties, and more.

Clocks and in-game event management

LiveCG Football generates clocks for automatic time displays: normal playing time, additional time and extended play. The user interface allows the operator to trigger each animation for any game's action, with a single mouse click: offside, red/yellow card, player substitution, penalty, corner, goal attempt, etc.
When the operator triggers one of these animations, it automatically increments the corresponding counter: match score, player statistics, team statistics, etc.

For Live operation

The user interface has been designed with specific modules, to give the operator a complete control over the synchronization between graphics' display and the speaker's comments on site. Another module can be used to display the ranking and results updates from other games or the overall competition. LiveCG Football features an interface dedicated to animate and customize penalty shoot-out.

Statistics Module

LiveCG Football can keep track of a whole range of data and display the running totals during the game: Ball possession per team, shots on target vs. total shots, goal chances, assists vs. total passes, fouls by/on a player. An optional module gives the ability to import external data to display in real-time, provided by sports data companies such as OPTA.


  • Supported files formats: GIF, TGA, PNG, JPG and image sequences
  • Supported animation formats : SWF (Flash)
  • Supported video resolutions: SD, HD, PAL, NTSC, 16/9, 4/3
  • Layer management, with alpha channel
  • Transition effects: fade in/out, shift, blur, stretch, etc.
  • NewTek AirSend® and NDI® protocols supported for direct Ethernet connection to TriCaster and 3Play

Recommended hardware configuration:

  • i7 processor
  • SSD system disk
  • 3TB HDD for data
  • 16GB RAM
  • nVidia Graphics Card

Configurations available

  • LiveCG Football software for TriCaster/3Play
  • LiveXpert 1RU turnkey solution providing SDI SD/HD and Fill&Key outputs