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NewsCaster is a Newsroom Automation product that integrates Broadcast Newsroom Computer Systems with the TriCaster product line. The TriCaster operator no longer needs to manually set up the show and drop what they are doing to make adjustments while on-air. Playout sequencing will all be done under the control of the Newsroom Computer System. Whole shows are uploaded and then updates automatically applied, without the assistance of the TriCaster operator.

NewsCaster does two things

First, it allows Newsroom Computer System users to browse and select from proxies made from the current contents of the TriCaster.

Second, it dynamically controls the TriCaster Media Bin playlists to reflect the playout sequence as specified within the Newsroom System. The contents of the Media Bins are cleared and reloaded when a newsroom show is placed on-air. As the show producer add, deletes, moves or floats stories, the Media Bin playlists are automatically modified to reflect these changes. Support is provided for the DDR1, DDR2, Graphics, Text and Audio Media Bins.

MOS Integration :

NewsCaster uses MOS ready ActiveX Plugins and the MOS Protocol to interact with the Newsroom System. The ANNova OpenMedia, AP ENPS, Avid® iNEWS®, NorCom CPower and Octopus production environments are all supported by NewsCaster.

NewsCaster in action :

NewsCaster connects your Newsroom Computer System to the TriCaster by actively linking the TriCaster DDR, Text, GFX, and Sound MediaBins to a NRCS Rundown.

When a show is placed on-air, NewsCaster uploads the events to the TriCaster Media Bins. As slugs within the rundown are added, deleted, moved or floated, the contents of the MediaBins are automatically adjusted. Clips can be automatically allocated to the DDR1 and DDR2 MediaBins or distributed as specified within the NRCS.

NewsCaster caches proxies of the video assets that are on the TriCaster or Network Storage.

These proxies are then available within the Newsroom Computer System, allowing preview and playback control directly from the NRCS client workstation.

Also available is an integrated character generator. Style templates can be created within the Newsroom Computer System client, users can display a list of these templates and can enter the variable information.

Technical information on NewsCaster turnkey server

  • 1RU system running Windows 7
  • 6x port Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2x 1TB system drives
  • 2x 4TB data drives
  • Redundant power supplies/li>