LiveText™ allows you to easily create and update titles and graphics on-the-fly during your live production. Connected to TriCaster via an Ethernet connection, this multi-def titling software easily display real-time data, scores, times, and other fast-changing information during fast-pace production.

LiveText gives the ability to share the workload and adds flexibility in your production.

Whether preparing a large number of titles in pre-production on a laptop off-site or making last-minute changes during the show, LiveText makes your production run fast and smooth.

LiveText LiveText

LiveText provides these benefits:

  • Network-style production workflow with dedicated HD titles and graphics operation
  • Integrated DataLink application to display real-time data and instant updates
  • Real-time clock and date displays embedded in title pages
  • Remote control over title creation and management
  • Hundreds of preloaded templates ready for use, including lower third, OSB and full page graphics
  • Powerful vector-based drawing tools and extensive text options for designing custom graphics

Think visually.

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU which supports the SSE2 instruction set (typically an Intel® Core2® or better)
Graphics display card (PCI-E recommended) with Microsoft® DirectX® 9™ (or better) compatibility
Monitor capable of displaying a minimum resolution of 1280x800 pixels
2GB RAM (4GB or more preferred)
Gigabit network recommended for network transmission to TriCaster


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