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3D Storm Introduces LiveCG Broadcast @CabSat 2015

3D Storm chose CabSat 2015 to showcase the powerful multi-layer character generator for the first time in the region, on Mediacast Stand D2-10 in Hall 2.

BORDEAUX – March 3rd , 2015 – 3D Storm, distributor of LiveXpert products, chose CabSat to introduce LiveCG Broadcast, the multi-layer character generator, for the first time on the Middle East market. Partnering with Mediacast, a premier distributor of creative media technology in the Middle East, 3D Storm will present LiveCG Broadcast on their stand. Held in Dubai World Trade Center, from March 10th to 12th, CabSat is the meeting point of broadcast and television industry in the region.

LiveCG Broadcast is a powerful and innovative solution giving the ability to send all the graphics needed in a high-end professional television production directly to any video switcher. Made for all kind of production, election results, sports scores, and television game shows, LiveCG Broadcast eases the creation and display of information in real-time during live production, such as:

  • Fixed and animated titles and logos
  • Crawled or rolled tickers
  • Clocks
  • Countdown
  • Backgrounds and bitmap sequences
  • Full animated graphics with transparency

The system can generate all graphics as well as dynamic broadcasting of data from external sources: RSS feeds, text files, and Excel spreadsheets.

LiveCG Broadcast, one single solution in a 1U rack, makes social network integration easy and intuitive, and accessible to anyone. The system spots an exclusive Social Hub tool to display any content, like posts, messages, tweets, pictures and even sms, coming from various social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WhatsApp… The incoming feeds can be monitored, filtered and sent to go on-air in real-time. The Social Hub tool can easily be installed on a dedicated workstation, connected to LiveCG Broadcast USB port. Live CG Broadcast works with any video mixer and also integrates a direct IP interface to NewTek TriCaster and 3Play.

This year MediaCast has a larger stand that will include an end-to-end workflow demonstration, a dedicated post-production studio environment and a BroadCast/Live Studio environment, with demonstration of NewTek solutions including the TriCaster range, 3Play and the new TalkShow.

Already used by major stadiums and sports leagues, LiveCG Broadcast is a new standard in live production that will expand your audience and keep your viewers engaged with interesting, viral and high quality content.

Visit 3D Storm on mediacast Stand Hall 2 Stand D2-10.

For more information, Please contact:

3D STORM - NewTek Official Distributor
T: +33(0) 557 262 262