Tally Lights Systems for wireless and wired installations

LiveTally is the simplest and most complete solution for fitting Tally lights to your video cameras. The package includes a transmitter box to be connected to the mixer, and some receiver boxes with built-in LEDs, to be installed on each camera. The connection between the transmitter and the receivers could be any combination of standard RJ45/CAT5 cables and long distance wireless connection using radio frequency.

LiveTally wireless installation fits any configuration, loud events such as concerts or motorsports events, where it can be extremely difficult to hear through traditional radio communication systems, providing both cameraman and presenter, a visual indication for live and preview during the live.

LiveTally TX

The transmitter is connected to the TriCaster through a USB port and to other vision mixer by using the Tally or GPI port. It receives information from a camera’s PGM output and sends a pulse to turn on the red LED on the receiver assigned to the camera.

Tally Program and Preview

LiveTally supports 3 statuses per camera: not selected, i.e. receiver turned off; selected as Preview, i.e. receiver turned on to green light; and selected as Program, i.e. receiver turned on to red light. LiveTally transmitter gives the ability to get the Preview Tally information from any recent TriCaster models including TriCaster Mini. It is also compatible with any vision mixer providing this information from its tally port (e.g Roland mixers).

Up to 16 cameras supported

The new line of LiveTally includes 3 models supporting up to 4, 8 and 16 receivers or cameras. All transmitters include wireless connecting capabilities and 8xRJ45 ports used to connect receivers with point-to-point CAT5 cables. A single transmitter can then handle at the same time wireless and connected by cable tally receivers. The case of the transmitter integrates a small screen for displaying the receiver statuses, an alarm button with flashing light in case a receiver is deactivated, and a menu for managing the receivers.

Two models of receiver

LiveTally Air is the receiver used for long distance wireless connection. It is powered with an internal battery, rechargeable using the transmitter’s RJ45 ports and the included short cable. A battery charge can last 2 or 3 days depending on how heavily the battery is used. There are no cables to run; just fit a LiveTally Air receiver to each camera, power up, and they will be automatically recognized by the transmitter connected to your mixer. Wireless transmission on the free frequency of 866/915MHz produces a reliable link over a distance of up to 2 km between your control room and the cameras.
LiveTally Remote receivers are connected to the transmitter through the RJ45 connectors. They are powered directly by the transmitter through the CAT5 cable.

Full options

The receivers come in a professionally finished, lightweight, tough case. It has a large red LED on the fascia for the people on the set, and a small LED at the back for the cameraman. The red LED lights up when the camera concerned is on PGM, and the green LED lights up when on Preview.

The front tally lights can be switched off to avoid disturbances. LiveTally Air Receiver includes an extra connector to plug an optional small LED extender to be placed closer to the cameraman’s eye, or into the camera’s viewfinder. Each receiver is delivered, ready to use, with one 1/4'' screws adapter for camera flash hot shoe mount, and one 1/4" male to 1/4" male threaded screw adapter.

Models Available

  • LiveTally TX4: Wired and wireless transmitter supporting up to 4 cameras
  • LiveTally TX8: Wired and wireless transmitter supporting up to 8 cameras
  • LiveTally TX16: Wired and wireless transmitter supporting up to 16 cameras
  • LiveTally Air: Wireless tally receiver
  • LiveTally Remote: Wired tally receiver

Technical Features

  • Compatible with TriCaster 410/450/450Extreme/455/460/850/850Extreme/855/860/8000 units
  • Compatible with most mixers on the market using open/closed contact or +5v or -5v
  • Management of the Tally Program and Preview on TriCaster Mini/410/460/860/8000 and Roland mixers.
  • Main plug and power supply block provided.
  • USB cable included for connection to TriCaster.