17 Days of Campaign with NewTek TalkShow

LIVE! Audiovisual premieres NewTek TalkShow for El Pais, a major newspaper in Spain, to broadcast daily analysis during local elections. Interview…
Production integrating live Skype video calling in HD has been tested for the elections in Andalusia. NewTek TalkShow VS-100, the Skype video calling production system based on Skype TX professional software, was used for the first time in Spain for a 17-day campaign, and 17 live connections.

In an unprecedented experience, LIVE! technical platform managed the daily video analysis of the digital edition of El Pais, from its delegation in Seville. From LIVE! technical platform, a network of connections with HD quality video calls, could be put together between offices, analysts and experts, creating a news exchange space in an IP environment.

We chose NewTek products because we trust them. TalkShow is versatile and offers a great potential. When El Pais exposed their project, they did not have the possibility to have a big production crew that is how we opted for Skype. Journalists could use their own computer and a webcam, and send us their daily analysis in real time in high quality. The video coming from the journalists, recorded with a webcam, was sent to TalkShow and played in real time with a TriCaster Mini, and instantly published in the digital newspaper. The workflow was simple and efficient, a Mackbook pro connectivity through an FTTH line, a Talkshow with fiber connection, a TriCaster Mini to produce the graphic elements, and to upload to a dedicated FTP in real time.

The exponential increase of video and especially live video in digital media technology requires being constantly up to date with new technologies. The audiovisual production has become essential for the development of news content. It involves the design of new compatible formats for all mobile devices. The technological development department of LIVE! delivers design customized and affordable solutions enabling digital edition to use new and high quality formats.

Live! Audiovisual is the first Spanish company to work live with NewTek TalkShow. The integration of this product in LIVE services! portfolio reinforces our technical ability and keeps us on top of the audiovisual engineering.

The flexibility, robustness and usability of NewTek products provide endless creative solutions to answer our customers' needs. We use NewTek products everyday in our productions. Today, our knowledge and experience of the products are the best way to add value as a distributor.