NewTek Triples The Action at The World Athletics Indoor Championships

NewTek multi-camera sports production solutions answer broadcasters' needs at the World Athletics Indoor Championship 2014

The World Indoor Championships of the IAAF, the International Association of Athletics Federations, took place in Sopot, Poland, from March 7th to 9th. It is the most important event for the Athletics Federations this year as there will be no Olympics and no outdoor world championship. 150 countries were represented for a three-day all sports event.

The event was broadcasted on major television networks, such as TVP, the host broadcaster in Poland, and the BBC,Eurosport, TV Globo, who even built their own studio in the Ergo Arena. TRBroadcast, 3D Storm partner and NewTek dealer in Poland, installed the complete production setup with a total of three NewTek systems. They operated the live production with a TriCaster as the backbone. They used a TriCaster with eight camera inputs, fed by the Polish television as well as local organizers' cameras, to broadcast all the sporting event, but also behind the scenes images. TriCaster was also sending the program out to four big LED screens hung above the main field. To complete TriCaster actions, as a full sports live production solution, a 3Play was added in the production workflow to operate slow-motionand instant replay.

3Play is a powerful slow-motion and instant replay system, used by many sports entities, mainly to operate slow motion, but also to extend TriCaster sources capacities. Lately many sports organizations have found a new application for 3Play, in the referee room. A 3Play 4800 was used by the referees to take the right decisions during the actions or during controversial events. With the 200 hours recording capacity in HD of the 3Play, the six cameras of the Polish television could send all the competitions images and highlights to be judged by the referees.

"The quality of the slow motion delivered by the 3play impressed the jury of the IAAF" says Tomasz Kolaczyk, owner of TRBroadcast "The image is that sharp that it is a great help for the referees, they can have an eye on any details of the competition. On my side, I could operate NewTek solutions for sports live productions with my eyes shut. It is that reliable and efficient, that I never hesitate to recommend TriCaster and 3Play on such major international events. It always delivers!"

NewTek multi-camera sports production solutions is used in major international sports venues to broadcast competitions on television networks, to feed a web TV or a Dailymotion sports channel, or to display the big game on big displays or on second screens. Thanks to TriCaster and 3Play, sports broadcasters and producers today have the ability, to reach sports fans on every screen, to have them more engaged and to keep the sport's fever alive and live.