NewTek TriCaster 450

HD Production & Streaming for Everyone

TriCaster 450, 14-channel live production system, provides 4 cameras inputs fitting all main events and studios configurations, anytime, anywhere.

Exclusive offer for Europe, Middle-East and Africa, TriCaster 450 is available for less than 10 000 €. TriCaster 450 CS, the dedicated powerful control surface that gives a complete control over TriCaster 450 functions and effects is available in option.

      • 14-channel switcher
      • 4 simultaneous HD/SD inputs
      • 4 Virtual Inputs which function as an advanced mix/effects bus with positioning and overlay capabilities.
      • 4 digital Media Players for video playback, titles, stills, music and sound
      • Apple® AirPlay® Support two simultaneous AirPlay audio/video streams
      • 4x4 symmetric audio channels
      • Embedded SDI audio support
      • 2 iVGA™ inputs deliver imagery or LiveText CG pages, from networked computers to the switcher or overlay channels
      • HDMI program out for projector (IMAG) or other monitoring applications
      • 1-channel recording
      • 20 hours of 1080i recording capacity
      • Supported recording Formats: QuickTime®, H.264, AVI et MPEG-2.
      • 1 removable drive bay
      • 1 (SD and analog) video output rows provide flexible simultaneous HD and SD video output from HD sessions
      • Live Streaming in Flash or WMV
      • Configure, store and import favorite streaming set-ups as presets, direct access to CDN accounts
      • Equalizer and compressor/limiter on every input
      • Multi-angles virtual sets with real-time reflection and animated zoom