LiveCG Election

2D and 3D statistical data animation software.

LiveCG Election is an animation software that processes results of elections and all types of statistical presentations in real time. With its 3D rendering engine, data is instantly transformed into animated graphs: 3D Bar Charts, Curve Charts, Pie Charts, Tables … LiveCG Election can process live data during election evenings, at conventions, free-hand votes and all cases requiring animation of statistical results, the minute they are received.

Simple, flexible preparation:

LiveCG Election lets you import in advance photos of candidates and party logos in the standard graphic formats: JPEG, TGA, BMP, PNG. The lists are saved as projects that can be used in any election or similar event.

A colour code is assigned to each system, using chromatic references or a eyedropper to recover direct the official colour of each logo.

LiveCG Election integrates 10 types of customisable graphics

Giving a choice of background, positioning of titles and captions, fonts and size and orientation of graphics in 3 dimensions. The display of logos and photos is at the user's choice, as well as the reflection of graphs.

Real-time data processing

LiveCG Election recovers data from .csv files which are scanned in real time before each broadcast of graphics. The results can be updated automatically at any time. Files are shared by network so that they can be changed from a dedicated workstation using Excel or any other application that generates .csv files.

The processed data covers: titles and captions to be broadcast, the names of parties and candidates, the number of votes and seats won, and the percentage distribution of votes. LiveCG Election also lets you display predictions and comparisons between two election results.

Adapted for live use

LiveCG Election integrates an interactive playlist to manage the display of animated graphics live. Very flexible to use with drag/drop, it lets you select the graphics to broadcast, moving from one animation to another, but also to retain certain data on the screen while displaying new graphics.

Two text crawl areas can be added at the bottom of the screen for automatic display of information threads read dynamically from shared text files.

Virtual set and augmented reality

In association with TriCaster Advanced Edition, LiveCG Election can integrate graphic animations in augmented reality into virtual sets.

The graphs fit naturally with the set’s different angles of view and form part of a high-quality production.

Technical specifications

  • UNICODE platform
  • Image import formats: JPG, BMP, TGA, PNG
  • Air Send® link for TriCaster and 3Play
  • Supports BlackMagic 4K Extreme video cards with SDI SD/HD output and cut-out signal

Minimum system requirements

  • i7 processor
  • 16 GB of ram
  • Graphic card with 2GB of ram
  • Windows 7 or higher

Available configurations

  • LiveCG Election software for TriCaster
  • Rack 4U LiveXpert