LiveCG Football

Football Scoreboard and Presentation Software

LiveCG Football™ FootballTM is the dedicated tool for managing real-time graphic displays on giant stadium screens or in television on-air packages. Many major European football clubs playing in competitions like La Liga (Spain), Ligue 1 (France), Bundesliga (Germany), or others, including Finland's Veikkausliiga, use it to compose matchday information displays (e.g., team sheets), present players, display stats and scores, promote sponsors, and more. LiveCG Football is the essential ingredient for turning a match into a show, all in club colours!

Player database

LiveCG FootBall includes a database that stores and organises teams according to their country or competition, with logos and a selection of player photos as well as manager and referee information. Compiling a team sheet then becomes a simple matter of clicking just once on each starting player and substitute!

Full graphic editor

The LiveCG Football editor provides everything you need to customize your graphical content with clubs and championships standards. It lets you import still or animated components from existing visuals or from graphic files created beforehand with standard tools like Photoshop®, After Effects®, Flash®.
LiveCG Football comes with a full set of templates to cover every need: large full-screen scoreboard, miniature screen-corner scoreboard, display of team sheets and players, statistics tables, extra time, fouls, penalties, and all the rest.

Interactive player profiles

This module enables the operator to display a team’s player profile pages in synchronisation with the stadium announcer’s commentary. The player list is compiled and arranged by simply dragging the names onto the list with the mouse, with one last click to send the completed page to the screen. The pages can include photos and titles taken directly from the database as well as animated graphics.

Clocks and in-game event management

LiveCG Football generates clocks for automatic time displays: normal playing time, time added for stoppages, extra time. The operator can also trigger custom animations for any game's action, with a single mouse-click; such as offside, red/yellow card, substitution, penalty, corner, goal attempt, etc.
The user interface allows the relevant player and the desired action to be selected instantly. When the operator triggers one of these animations, the selection automatically increments the corresponding counter: match score, player statistics, team statistics, etc.

Stats Module

LiveCG Football can keep track of a whole range of data and display the running totals during the match: percentage possession per team, shots on target vs. total shots, goal chances, assists vs. total passes, fouls by/on a player.

Advertisements and information

To enliven the pre-match build-up and half-time periods, or simply to keep spectators informed, LiveCG Football can display a scrolling band with, for example, the scores of other matches, or it can play advertisements for the club's partners and sponsors. An input box enables the operator to type in messages directly, which appear instantly on the screens.

Technical characteristics

  • Import Files Formats: GIF, TGA, PNG, or JPG format and animated image sequences
  • Supports all video resolutions: HD, PAL, NTSC, 16/9, 4/3, etc.
  • Layer management, with alpha channel functionality for transparency support
  • Transition effects when displaying text and graphics: fade in/out, shift, blur, stretch, etc.
  • NewTek iVGA protocol supported for direct Ethernet connection to TriCaster and 3Play
  • Recommended hardware configuration: i7 processor, SSD system disk, 3TB HDD for data, 16GB RAM, nVidia GTX 660 graphics card