LiveCG Football

Graphics Management for Sport Live Production – Football Edition

LiveCG Football™ is a professional graphics management application for NewTek TriCasterTM*. It provides complete management of football live productions: scoring, timing, statistics, database (players names, referees, teams, leagues, countries….).

LiveCG Football runs from a remote a computer connected to the network input of a TriCaster. The graphics, generated with LiveCG Football among the database of templates available within the application, or created with own custom branded details, give producers the ability to use high quality graphics for scores and statistics display, and also insert advertising and promotion visuals. With LiveCG Football, sports producers can enhance the viewers experience while increasing their revenue.

LiveCG Football Features:

  • Scoreboard: Easy and user-friendly score management and display
  • Timers: Display Time information, half-time, stoppage time, over time…
  • Statistics: Create statistics about teams and players actions, penalties, goals. Compare ball possession and faults during the action.
  • Embedding Logo: Add embedded logos of the TV network, the sponsors and any party involved in your show.
  • Database: Fill in information about football teams, players, referees, visual identities, presenters, soccer fields, divisions, and countries, all with pictures. Complete control of all the tables.
  • Template Editor: Template editor to combine graphics in real-time in various formats, such as Png, Bmp, Gif, Tga, Jpg, animated sequences, etc… Support for all video resolutions, HD, PAL, NTSC, 16/9, 4/3...
  • Multi Layer: Multiple independent layers and linked graphics.
  • Custom Design: Own custom design according to branding needs or creativity desires. Effects in / out: Effects for graphics and text display.
  • Advertising: Specific and easy management for advertising and sponsors visibility.
  • Tickers: Display news, warnings or last minute information.
*Works through iVGA with up-to-date TriCaster systems.