LiveCG Football

Scoring, statistics and graphics management tool for football game productions

LiveCG Football™ is the most complete and affordable tool, designed for TriCaster and 3Play, for live broadcasting and for displaying figures and graphics on large screens in real-time. Already used by many renowned football clubs of the European Champions League, LiveCG Football provides all the tools to answer every game's needs, with a single mouse click.

LiveCG Football includes a database engine to store information about all the teams per country, league and championship. All requested details are collected once, such as players' names, coaches, referees, pictures and teams' logos, in order to be easily used again, each time a new game is being broadcasted.

LiveCG Football includes an editor to create all stills and animated graphics matching with the graphics' standards of the competition. LiveCG Football is provided with a full set of templates covering all needs : full screen big score, top corner small score, teams presentations, statistics boards, timer, extended time, faults, penalties… nothing is missing, even tickers and advertising can be displayed Live from LiveCG Football.

LiveCG Football runs from a remote computer or laptop connected to the TriCaster or 3Play through Ethernet using iVGA protocol, without using the video inputs. Its Graphic User Interface (GUI) gives the ability to collect any information from the game: ball possession time, percentage of good shots or good pass, goal scoring opportunities… LiveCG Football also includes all necessary timers for each period, with automatic extended time support.

LiveCG Football Features:

  • Scoreboard: Easy score management with fully customizable display
  • Timers: Display time information, half time, stoppage time, extended play…
  • Statistics: Collect statistics per team or players and display customizable comparison boards
  • Logo inserter: Add logo for the network TV, the sponsors or partners
  • Database: Fill in information once per season and edit all teams' presentations and game sheets automatically for every games
  • Template Editor: Combines graphics in real time and supports various formats such as png, bmp, gif, tga, jpg, bitmap sequences. Support all video resolutions and formats HD, SD, Pal, NTSC, 16/9, 4/3. Create any templates freely.
  • Multi Layer: multiple independent and linked graphics layers
  • Effects in / out: Effects for graphics and text display : Fade, Move, Blur, Squeeze
  • Advertising and tickers: easy management for advertising, hot news and warnings display.


*Works through iVGA with up-to-date TriCaster systems.